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I am going on holiday to Acharavi on the Greek island of Corfu. Here is the research I have done on the internet.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Dacia Duster oil change warning reset.

Although the oil and filter change intervals for the Dacia Duster in the UK are set at every 10,000 miles, the oil change warning icon will NOT display on the dashboard until over 12,000 miles have been covered. Then you have two choices, visit the dealer for them to reset the dashboard warning light OR do it yourself.

It is really very simple to do and saves you the time and trouble of visiting a dealer.

Turn the ignition ON.
Next with your right foot press the accelerator pedal to the floor and LEAVE it down.
Then with your left foot, press the brake pedal quickly, 3 times.
This ALL has to be done within 10 seconds.
Then the oil change warning icon will go OFF.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Stage 4

This is it! This is the diet that you now need to follow permanently unless you have a second procedure.

You must leave soft floppy foods in the past and discover solid textured foods that will remain in your stomach for longer to stop you feeling hungry.

Points to follow:

Continue to eat foods from Stage 3 but start to introduce normal textured foods. Try one thing at a time. If you don’t tolerate a food don’t give up, preserve and try it again in a few days.

Aim for 3 meals a day. Select one of the suggested snacks if you feel hungry between meals ( up to a maximum of 3 a day).

Remember to chew your food well and eat until you are comfortably full. Stop at a tea plate of food.

Don’t drink with meals, leave a 30 - 40 minute gap after meals, but make sure you have 6-8 cups of fluid to prevent dehydration.

A balanced diet is vitally important to maintain health. Base all meals on protein sources and include plenty of fruit and vegetables to provide vitamins and minerals and fibre. Carbohydrate sources should still be included in your diet but at smaller portions.

Continue to serve all food on a tea plate. Remember once you feel full throw away any food left on your plate.

Portion sizes.

As the weeks progress you may find that you may begin to feel hungry and you are able to eat more at meal times. It is important that you continue with the recommended portions as stated below to avoid stretching the gastric pouch.

Ensure you use a tea plate to serve all your meals.

The following gives portion size suggestions:

1 small bowl of cereal - approx 6 tablespoons
1 - 2 slices of toast
4 - 6 crisp breads/crackers
2 - 3 small potatoes/ 1 small baked potato
3 - 4 tablespoons boiled rice/pasta
3 slices of lean meat/ 1 small chicken breast/ 1 small fillet fish
Small tin baked beans
2 eggs

Snacks (if hungry otherwise limit to 1 - 2 per day)

Fruit with light/diet yoghurt
Light/diet yoghurt
Glass of milk/fruit smoothie
2 cracker/crisp bread with hummus/soft cheese
2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese (plain or flavoured)


Ensure good fluid intake 6 - 8 glasses per day. Sugar-free squash, water, skimmed milk are all useful options. Again avoid drinking with meals as per previous advice.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Dacia Duster oil change warning reset.

To reset the oil change warning

Turn the ignition on and within 10 seconds:
Press and hold the accelerator

Press 3 times the brake pedal.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Duty times from 09/06/2014

G1 03.00 to 14.45 G2 05.00 to 16.40 G5 10.20 to 22.20 G6 12.45 to 01.05 G8 16.10 to 05.10 H2 03.30 to 14.45 H3 03.30 to 16.00 H5 09.30 to 20.15 H7 12.45 to 00.45 L2 04.30 to 14.45 L4 06.40 to 17.00 L5 07.00 to 18.00 L6 07.45 to 18.30 L7 08.55 to 19.50 L8 09.30 to 20.15 L9 10.15 to 21.50 L10 12.30 to 23.05 L11 13.00 to 00.00 L13 15.55 to 01.50 L14 18.00 to 03.10

Thursday, May 22, 2014



Feedback of roster to start 09/06/2014 The pro's I like it that the 4 days on, 2 days off (with the exception of 2 weeks) sequence continues. I like the progression of start times were the next day starts a little later. I think the Bradford roster has improved. I like the new duty numbering system which is logical and easier to understand. The con's I found duties H1 and L1 to be an awful shock. There is a huge gap between the starting times of the duties to be done. Working through 22 duties does not give the driver any sense of routine. The insertion of G8 and L14 are not in a strict sequence. My suggestions Take out duties H1 and L1 from the main roster. Have 5 blocks of work in the sequence G1, H2, H3, L2, Rest, Rest. H7, L13, G8, L14, Rest, Rest. G2, L4, L5, L6, Rest, Rest. L7, L8, H5, L9, Rest, Rest. G5, G6, L10, L11, Rest, Rest. However, we could have the driver just do one block of work (6 lines) and the Bradford drivers may prefer to just do the early or the late sequence. Have a 3 line roster, Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun R H1 H1 H1 H1 R R L1 L1 L1 R R H1 H1 H1 R R L1 L1 L1 L1 This would give the driver a weekend off every 3 weeks rather than the current 6 weeks. He would only have 2 shifts to adjust to with similar start/finish times. He would then get into a very regular routine with the smallest disruption to his domestic life. The hardest challenge we have is the constant change of work hours, going to bed and getting up times. This has the greatest effect on driver fatigue, this lack of routine. We could adopt this 3 line roster to cover all the 22 duties of the main roster, whereby the driver only works the same 2 shifts and has every 3rd weekend off.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Feedback on the roster changes and a suggestion.

The new roster starting the 20th May is far better than the existing roster. The switching of duties to achieve longer daily rest periods is a good move and is very welcome.

The sequence of 4 days on 2 days off is the best work pattern I have had since 1977.

There is only one suggestion I can make to improve on this new roster.

I rather like the way at the moment we have a common sequence of ...

107 - 141 - 142 - 119

... which has a logical flow and as you work these shifts you know what is coming next.

We could have a roster where the allocation is ...

143 - 132 - 117 - 109 - Rest - Rest

103 - 105 - 133 - 118 - Rest - Rest

113 - 135 - 111 - 136 - Rest - Rest

130 - 131 - 110 - 134 - Rest - Rest

107 - 141 - 142 - 119 - Rest - Rest

104 - 106 - 108 - 120 - Rest - Rest

repeat 7 times

This would achieve a steady pattern that should reduce conflicts with drivers' body clocks. I have made 6 sets of "like start times" to produce a more natural flow. Also the overnight duties are on alternate sets.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Running book read order on Goodreads updates.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Trainland: A Novel by Richard Denoncourt.

Jack Devins is an advertising copy writer who is facing changes at work. This novel starts off really good. Jack rides as a passenger on the New York subway trains. One day Jack goes onto the platform and enters another world, a world I can't relate to. From here this novel descends into a fantasy nonsense.

Trainland, an area and time within the New York subway system is another world full of horrors, a living hell. There are living dead people, zombies etc living in purgatory. They are all trapped in a world of madness they want to escape. Jack tries to get out of Trainland and must battle with many demons. He also has to deal with the grief of losing his daughter Kelly in an earlier accident and to stop blaming himself.

I gave up on this ridiculous plot and did not know where it would end. Thankfully there is a big twist approaching the end and you can finally make sense of this nonsense. Trainland questions our perceptions of reality. Details revealed earlier in this story now make sense and then you start to understand Jack's problems. I did not like this story format, the mix of reality and imagination that treats the reader as a child. Rather than entertain the reader, this book annoys because of it's distortion of reality.

Trainland is available as a 490 KB Amazon Kindle eBook and was written in 2012. I think it is a disappointing read, a poor book that I shall vote only 2 stars and suggest you give it a MISS.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sisters of the Veil by Bryan M. Powell.

Shi'a Muslims flee from Lebanon and Iran to America. Jared Russell, a happy clappy Christian is building a mosque in Stanford, near Michigan. This is a multicultural novel which explores it's characters relationship with their god. It also illustrates how different religions can mix and co-exist.

Sisters of the Veil shows great promise and you wonder if there is romance in the air for Jared. But there is little drama and this story does not really go anywhere. Nothing much happens, there is just potential and a lot of posturing.

Jared is not a likable person. He is a gun obsessed god botherer, who bible bashes away with his beliefs. You can however laugh at Jared's church and faith.

Sisters of the Veil fails as a novel and disappoints the reader. This book fails to entertain. The ending is bad as it simply paves the way to the sequel. It is part of the Jared Russell series and is a 2nd class read with the feel of a happy clappy young person's bible weekend encounter group. This Amazon Kindle eBook is 253 KB long and was written in 2012. I will vote it 2 stars as it is such a poor read and I suggest you give it a MISS.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shadow Stations: Unseen by Ann Grant.

Amy Wung is walking her German shepherd dog Nikki when she meets a man who asks her for directions. This man is different as he has 6 fingers on each hand. She walks away and glances back to notice that he dropped his mobile phone. She turns and picks up the phone but this is a model of smartphone she has not seen before.

Shadow Stations: Unseen is a nice tale for dog lovers because of how people live with dogs. This novella is set in America and is a light story written in the style of a B movie. It is a fantasy adventure, a piece of science fiction that is not to be taken seriously. This daft silliness is easy reading due to it's clear writing style.

Amy has an attitude which is refreshing, although other reviewers disagree. This story however is lacking. Lots of things are simply convenient to make this story work. It is neither deep or gripping. There is nothing special about this book. It also lacks realism.

There is one funny paragraph that I can quote but this is the funniest in the whole book...

... Antoine stared at the palm trees beyond the beach. "Get up, man, get up. There's a house. I don't care if Granny Psycho lives there. I'm going to ring the fucking doorbell and get myself a cell phone and a rum and Coke."

... Shadow Stations: Unseen is a small 233 KB Amazon Kindle eBook and was written in 2012. I think it is a poor book and I will vote it only 2 stars. I suggest you give it a MISS. This is a 2nd class read. The ending is silly and tells me not to bother with the sequel called Shadow Stations: Black Friday.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

sara's game by Ernie Lindsey

Sara Winthrop is an ex-programmer now working as the head of marketing for LightPulse Productions, a video game company in Portland, Oregon. Her husband Brian disappeared 2 years ago without warning and now her 3 children have been kidnapped from 2 separate schools at the same time, just like an Al-Qaeda operation.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride! This thriller is told from 2 points of view, Sara Winthrop the mother and Detective Jonathan Johnson the policeman on the case. It is really good that you get these 2 separate views of the same story, the victim and the police. I enjoyed reading these 2 paths on the same time line.

Sara makes a decision to play the game along with the kidnapper at the start of this story. I was very surprised at her decision as it seemed an impossible task to play a game against the kidnapper and save her children. Most mothers would realize that entering a game against a kidnapper is foolish and they would leave the search for their children to the police. But Sara is a "badass chick" and uses her gaming experience to challenge the kidnapper before her children are put in further danger. There are some nice tasks given to Sara, especially in the first game level! This makes you wonder which direction this story will take. There is great suspense as Sara plays the kidnappers game which builds a nice, nagging tension. The story line leads the reader along a path thinking about the kidnappers, who they are and what is their motive.

In addition to the basic story there is a lovely banter between Detective Jonathan Johnson and his superior, Inspector Barker, This dialogue gives a good insight into police work and the games they play.

The ending of sara's game is okay but the thrill of this novel is the search for her children and the games the kidnappers play on Sara. I downloaded this 379 KB eBook from Amazon, which was written in 2012. I think it is a good book and I vote it 4 stars.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


on the cloud editor.

The Rose Hotel by Rahimeh Andalibian.

This story starts at the Rose Hotel in Mashhad, Iran in 1978 before the Islamic revolution. Rahimeh is 4 years old and the reader gets the picture of her understanding of life in Iran during the turmoil of the Islamic revolution of 1979. This is a family tale told in the same style as A Thousand Splendid Suns by

The Final Detail by Harlan Coben.

Clu Haid is dead and Esperanza Diaz, Myron's business partner is arrested. Did she kill him? Myron Bolitar makes it his business to find out. This novel follows on from One False Move and is the 6th book in the Myron Bolitar series. This book has the usual quality of writing from Harlan Coben and this is more than a basic crime thriller. The Final Detail is focused on people's lives rather than the crime, it's scene and the following investigations. This adds so much colour and depth to this story. It is amazing just how powerful Harlan's writing is that you believe that you know the characters and have spent time with them!

There is a nice lively banter between the characters and this novel has a good and very involved plot. It keeps you guessing about the killer and peoples motives. It is thought provoking about the morality of peoples lives and addresses many social issues. Harlan explores physical attractions between people and how their sexuality may affect their judgement. He also includes some nice comments and dialogue about how America has changed with local character and small businesses being replaced by national chains, so that everywhere looks the same.

The Final Detail was written in 1998 and has 344 pages. It has a great contemporary feel, with anecdotes and references to popular culture and landmark events. There is a lovely humour going on...

He risked another step. If only he had something to placate her with. Like a half gallon of Haagen-Dazs. Or a sacrificial goat.

Why, Myron wondered, do servants of the rich and famous act snootier than their masters? Was it simple resentment? Was it because they were locked down upon all day and thus needed on occasion to be the one doing the looking down? Or - more simply - were people attracted to such jobs insecure asswipes?

Both men wore turtlenecks so high and loose they looked like something awaiting circumcision.

...The Final Detail has a good ending with no loose ends. It is a good book and I will vote it 4 stars on Goodreads.


Just One Look by Harlan Coben.

The rear cover of this book reads...

Grace Lawson is living a happy, straightforward life in the suburbs with her husband, Jack, and two young children. But then Grace picks up a set of holiday snaps, amongst which is a faded shot she doesn't recognise of her husband as she never knew him. Within twelve hours, Jack has disappeared and a brutal hitman is stalking his family.

...This is a stand alone novel although it does have links to the Myron Bolitar series. The writing style is the same. Just One Look has 386 pages and was published in 2004. This novel is a thriller that is entertaining and has a good pace and structure. Harlan is great at creating suspicion about all the characters and has you guessing who is the real villian here? You can try and work things out from the clues or simply enjoy the ride as Grace finds the truth behind the photo. This book has a great plot and it is a great story that is a pleasure to read. Harlan is very good with the detail and those little details are important because everything has consequences. At the end of this book you think "WOW!".

Just One Look is very good and I can find nothing wrong with it, so I will be voting it the maximum of 5 stars on Goodreads. If you ever wanted to know how to stop a woman from talking on a car journey, then turn to page 316...

She kept peppering him with questions - where is my husband, what do you want with us - but he continued to ignore her. When they reached a stoplight, the man did something that she did not expect.
He rested his hand on her knee.
'Your leg was damaged,' he said.
Grace was not sure how to respond to this. His touch was light, almost feathery. And then without warning his fingers dug down with steel talons. They actually burrowed beneath the kneecap. Grace buckled. The tips of the man's fingers disappeared into the hollow where the knee meets the shinbone. The pain was so sudden, so enormous, that Grace could not even scream. She reached out and grabbed his fingers, tried to pry them out of her knee, but there was absolutely no give. His hand felt like a concrete block.
His voice was barely a whisper. 'If I dig in a little more and then pull...'
Her head was swimming. She was close to losing consciousness.
'...I could tear your kneecap right off.'
When the light turned green, he let go. Grace nearly collapsed in relief. The whole incident had probably taken less than five seconds. The man looked at her. There was the smallest hint of a smile on his face.
'I'd like you to stop talking now, okay?'
Grace nodded.
He faced forward. 'Keep driving.'



Welcome to Setcopia: A Dystopian Thriller by James M. Ashton.

Do you hate how large companies bully their employees? Do you hate how large companies pervert our language? Do you wonder where things will stop, then look into the near future. Welcome to Setcopia is set in Britain in the year 2036. This novel is written in the first person of Cirrus Shires and is an awfully British tale. This eBook has 623KB and was written in 2013.
It is very good satire and is very believeable but it is not a fantasy. This story really hits home.

Welcome to Setcopia explains how big business moulds our thoughts and we are lost in the company mantra. James M. Ashton really has the company language spot on. He uses all the correct phrases that companies use and irritate us with every day. James highlights the pitch of company speak with it's irritating consistency. This novel shows how our society today is moving and how people loose who they are, as big companies take over the country and our lives.

This story has a good pace with well developed scenarioes and it draws to a realistic ending. Your suspicions of big business are confirmed in this well written cautionary tale. This dystopia is very possible when you understand how large companies actually work. I really enjoyed this book, it is very good indeed and it deserves my top score of 5 stars. There is some poor proof reading with plenty of typing mistakes especially when the author gets excited as the emotion hightens. Do not let this put you off though!


Robin Nixon's PHP Crash Course: Learn PHP in 14 easy lessons by Robin Nixon.

PHP is a computer programming scripting language that is embedded within the HTML which makes up web pages. Robin's book is quite like a cook book in it's style and is a gentle guide into PHP. It is very easy to follow as Robin is a technical author, not a novelist. He does lecture a bit but this book does the job just like a manual although it does not sparkle and is not highly entertaining. It does not have the passion that is always found in a good novel.

This crash course develops well and the reading pleasure you get is from gaining knowledge, not from escaping into another world. You learn how forms on webpages work and how user input is processed. You discover how your internet browser works behind the scenes, how cookies work and what those extra bits of code are in your browser address bar. This book nicely progresses to the end when you deal with the differences between get and post Ajax requests.

Robin Nixon's PHP Crash Course is a 2088 KB eBook and was written in 2012. PHP is well explained to novices and it is great to understand it's magic. This book is okay and I give it a score of 3 stars.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Memo to: P B.
Subject: Feedback on rolling roster starting on 3rd June 2012.
Date: 14th April 2012
From: S C

I have looked at the new duties and the rolling roster that you requested my feedback on. I can see no problem with the new duties as published. I am however a little disappointed at the compilation of the rolling roster.

This roster lacks any form of a pattern and there is a lot of chopping and changing of duty start times. Drivers and their wives can find it a challenge when duty start times have a big variation on following days.

This roster has 12 occasions where the weekly rest period is centred on only a single rest day. This is poor for a work/life balance and your driver is not as refreshed as with a double rest day.

This roster has 9 lines of working 6 consecutive days before a weekly rest period. Drivers can feel a little jaded on the 6th working day but are okay on their 5th.

Having spotted these 3 issues, I wondered if I could construct a fantasy roster.

I offer as a suggestion an alternative roster that I would like you to consider. I have ran it past Gail and she likes the look of it. Hopefully other drivers and their partners could see the many benefits that this roster could achieve.

The roster has a strict pattern of the same 4 week cycle. Drivers and their families would get into the run of it without consulting the roster as they will know what comes next.

Each duty start time is always later than than previous day. This provides a gradual progression without any chop and changes.

The Bradford duties are balanced and do not come in batches. The early Bradford is on week 2 and the late Bradford is on week 4. Partners will really appreciate this as they like the driver home and dislike when we do a string of Bradfords.

There are only two lines when you work 6 consecutive days before a weekly rest period. This is only to accommodate the 101 duty.

All weekly rest periods consist of double rest days.

I feel that this roster is also in the spirit of the National Express Driving Out Harm campaign because any large variation of duty times is reduced. Then the driver can get into a flow without any sharp alteration to their sleep patterns.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
132 117 133 109 110 Rest Rest 1
134 118 103 105 137 Rest Rest 2
111 108 135 113 136 Rest Rest 3
107 104 106 120 119 Rest Rest 4
Rest 132 117 133 109 110 Rest 5
Rest 134 118 103 105 137 Rest 6
Rest 111 108 135 113 136 Rest 7
Rest 107 104 106 120 119 101 8
Rest Rest 132 117 133 109 110 9
Rest Rest 134 118 103 105 137 10
Rest Rest 111 108 135 113 136 11
Rest Rest 107 104 106 120 119 12
Rest Rest Rest 132 117 133 109 13
110 Rest Rest 134 118 103 105 14
137 Rest Rest 111 108 135 113 15
136 Rest Rest 107 104 106 120 16
119 Rest Rest Rest 132 117 133 17
109 110 Rest Rest 134 118 103 18
105 137 Rest Rest 111 108 135 19
113 136 Rest Rest 107 104 106 20
120 119 Rest Rest Rest 132 117 21
133 109 110 Rest Rest 134 118 22
103 105 137 Rest Rest 111 108 23
135 113 136 Rest Rest 107 104 24
106 120 119 Rest Rest Rest 132 25
117 133 109 110 Rest Rest 134 26
118 103 105 137 Rest Rest 111 27
108 135 113 136 Rest Rest 107 28
104 106 120 119 101 Rest Rest 29


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Friday, July 01, 2011


Monday, June 27, 2011

Current price 18.87

I had a letter telling me 33 partnership shares, 29 matching shares, total of 62 shares. At the moment one euro = 89p - therefore shares are worth around 1169 euros - £1,040

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Awarded 22 shares plus 22 matching shares this SIP issue bringing my total holding up to 62 shares.

This week the price is 21.72

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